Terms "Company", "We", "Website", "Site" or "Our" mean 4essays.com

Terms "Customer" and "Client" mean a person, who is buying services on 4essays.com and is correctly informed about the policies and rules, which are published on the same name website. The Customer is giving his or her personal agreement in the policies' observation and the bearing of responsibility for each action, performed on 4essays.com.

The term "Product" means different kinds of written educational tasks. For example- written academic works, essays, dissertations, research papers, etc. The Customer is paying for the service and the certain performer follows each of the Customer's instructions. For a Customer it is possible to order a product only after making a personal account on this Website.

The process of ordering starts at the moment when the Customer fills in the order form on our Website with all the confirmed necessary information. The order should be placed as detailed as possible. Orders made by phone, live chat or email, would not be taken. Nevertheless, We can help the Customer in the order form filling in process.

What Our Services Are?

Our Customers can use a variety of services. The examples are scratch writing, editing, formatting and proofreading. It is highly recommended for all of the Customers to look through the 4essays.com policies on the same name site. They include the Revision Policy, Guarantee of Money Refund, Conditions and Terms. It is necessary not the Client to understand the way our Company is working, to use our services without misunderstandings and problems. After the acquaintance and acceptance of our policy, the Customer can freely place an order.

Terms Acceptance

Our requirement is to provide the Customer with all the policies, including the Conditions and Terms, and the Customer's requirement is to look them through and follow these policies. When ordering on 4essays.com, the Customer becomes obliged to follow all regulations and rules on this Website.

Agreement on Editing, Modification and Deleting

You agree and acknowledge that We can unilaterally, and at any time, change these Conditions and Terms. It is recommended to look through these Conditions and Terms periodically, due to the fact that any changes are reflected only in 4essays.com 'Conditions and Terms' section.

Restriction of Copyrighting

Each of the services and products, which are offered by our Website to the Clients are original. When using our services, you confirm that each Product, which is sent to you, is allowed to be used just as a sample answer and a sample document for future study. Our Company does not accept nor stimulate plagiary and dishonesty in educating process. We are not responsible either for the improper use of our Product, nor for any damages that may arise from improper use of the 4essays.com site's services. It is forbidden to reproduce, sell and copy our site and its contents for the commercial use.

Promptness, Integrity and Accuracy

The responsibility for updates of information, for apprising the Clients of changes on our Website, does not lie on 4essays.com. Precisely the Customers need to monitor our site for any possible changes.

Descriptions and Prices of the Product

You can find the costs of the services on our Website. Our department of marketing is developing a flexible system of discounts, which, from time to time, allows the Customers to use our services at lower prices. In rare cases, the price indicated on the Site can be changed and we will certainly inform the Client about it so that he or she would know the exact price for the order.

The customer should always send detailed instructions of the order and, if required, he or she can request a revision. Get acquainted with our Revision Policy, for a more convenient and quick request for revision of the order.


When receiving an order from a Client, we enter into an agreement on the listed below items:

  • We follow all standards of suitable quotes processing in order fulfillment
  • We complete the tasks according to up-to-date writing formats (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, etc.).
  • The fulfillment of the order begins only after the Company has received the complete payment for the order. The cost includes the collection of information, researches, writing, editing, proofreading and delivery of the order to a Client.
  • It is prohibited for a Client to get any personal profit from copying or distributing the received order.


Our Company has the right to deny access to 4essays.com to any user, for any reason and at any time. We guarantee the absence of problems with the Site, the absence of malware and viruses, and a secure being on our Site for any user.

Responsibility and risks, associated with being on our Site and downloading any content from our Site, go to the client. If there are any problems, appearing after downloading content from our Site, the Company absolves itself of any responsibility for any loss of data or damage to the Client's PC. We make every effort to ensure that our Site is secure and does not cause any problems for the users. Nevertheless, not everything is within our power.

Corporate Rights to Intellectual Property

In accordance with this agreement, the Customer is notified that all content, information, and the rest of the Site's intellectual property belongs to the Company. It is forbidden to use any intellectual property of this Site or to create the same site, by changing the software and documentation.


The Customer agrees that the information, received by him or her on our Website, will not be distributed to third parties, since all information on this Site is binding to us. All personal information of our Customers is confidential and in no case can be transferred to other people. A confirmation of that fact is the given agreement between the Customer and the Company.

Non-Transfer of Authority

The Customer is personally responsible for his or her account on the 4essays.com Site. Nobody can use the user's page on our Site, except for the Customer.

Non-Waiver Agreement

From the moment the Customer enters the Site for the first time, uses our services or reads any information on our Site, the agreement between the Customer and the Company is considered as valid. From this moment all policies of our Site, including Conditions and Terms, must be accepted and followed.

Partial Nullity of Terms

In case when any of these Conditions and Terms regulations are considered inactive or invalid due to any court decree or order, they become petitionary with law permission. These Conditions and Terms must stay comprehensible and easy for the Customers and the Site's users.