High quality of work and the best conditions for our customers, that's what distinguishes our company from other similar to it. Students are satisfied with the obtained result in almost 100% of cases.

Nevertheless, it may happen that the customer considers the work not suitable for his or her requirements, and wants to return the money. Our convenient refund policy is making it quite easy to do a money return, in case of any appeared problems.

When refund is possible?

  1. In case you had to charge twice, there will be a total refund. It takes only 1-2 workdays to have your money back.
  2. In a situation, when we have not succeeded in finding a writer, who can fulfill your order, and it took some time to find it out, we also return the money for your order. If the work is too complicated for our performers, we will not start its implementation. Such cases are extremely rare.
  3. In the case when we go beyond the time limits. Before returning money, we will need to establish the cause of our disability to complete the work. Remember that we do not refund the money either partially or completely, when the customer has indicated not all of the important details of his order. When ordering, the customer should double-check the materials, which he or she sends to us, specify all the parameters and conditions of the written task, for our performers not to lose time. If in the end, we find out that we did not manage to get the work done through our fault, the price will be recalculated, or the money will be returned in full.
  4. You get from 15 to 50% return of money if we cannot find a performer for a revision process. In addition, if the revised order is sent after the end of the time limit, a refund in amount of 15% is paid. The best solution will be offered by our manager, who attentively looks through every similar case.
  5. If the customer does not like the fulfilled order, our manager decides whether a refund is possible. This may depend on the quality of instructions, given by the customer. Each case of a refund is separately thoroughly analyzed to be sure that a refund is possible.
  6. If the customer wants a refund, based on a personal verification of the uniqueness that did not satisfy him or her, the proof of this verification should be provided, to be reviewed and confirmed by us.
  7. If the customer wants a refund for any of these reasons, the customer should contact the support team for this purpose. It should be remembered that a refund is possible no later than 10 days from the end of the deadline. Later this time, a refund won't be possible.
  8. It should be noted that the return of money is not possible, until the mutual understanding is reached.

VAT and optional features are not refundable.

How long should I wait for a refund?

When requesting a refund, please contact our support team. Your order will be redirected to our manager, who will review it and decide on a refund question. The process usually takes 10 working days, but in rare cases it can take more or less than the due date, depending on the problematic nature of the request.